The wise index

Here you will find a catalog of exciting, insightful and inspiring books that may be able to help you on your further journey. Here are references to books that I myself have found inspiring and recommendable, as well as books that you, my wonderful 'tribe' have suggested.

Do you have a suggestion for a book that is not already on the list, but which should be here?

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 My recommendations:

More specifically: The philosophy behind yoga by SimonKrohn
Internal transformation ofSadhguru
Why meditate? by Matthieu Ricard
Travels in the Scriptorium by Paul Auster
A little book about the universe by Anja C. Andersen
Of Grammatology by Jacques Derrida

Bhagavad Gita Som Den Er 

with comments by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
 Is There A Text In This Class: The Authority Of Interpretive Communities by Stanley Fish

Your recommendations:

It's not all about you: Ancient principles of a life of serenity, freedom and meaning  by Niels Overgaard
The four rules of living by Don Miguel Ruiz
Consciousness, awareness, awareness: The risks and possibilities of reality by Anthony De Mello

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommo

by Joe Dispenza
The viewer from Andalusia by Lars Muhl

The phoenix process - find strength in change

by Elizabeth Lesser
Love what is by Byron Katie

Self-care - shortcut to goodness

by Eve Bengta Lorenzen

The bird in the hand - a guide to inner peace and action

by Nikolaj Flor Rotne and Didde Flor Rotne

The self-healing human being

Susanna Ehdin

Det siger I om Mantra

"Du får smil, du får kvalitet - og du får mere end hvad du betaler for. 6 ud af 5 stjerner"

- Victor