Om - Aum - ॐ

Om - Aum - ॐ

'About Namah Shivaya' means 'About Greetings to the Blessed One' and is a tribute to Shiva. So even though Shiva is in many ways a slightly dark figure, it may well make sense to send him a greeting. It reminds us that we are only here on borrowed time and that we are mortal.

'Om' or 'Aum' is the main syllable or sound in Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga philosophy. 'Aum' is the most sacred mantra and contains the three primary sounds [a], [u] and [m] and you probably know the sign for 'Aum' ॐ

'Namah Shivaya' also has a special meaning. Of course, reference is made to the god Shiva, but each syllable also has a meaning:[Na] represents the earth, [Ma] represents water, [Śi] represents fire, [Vā] represents (pranic energy in) air and [Ya] represents heaven or ether (ether). The sum of these sounds thus becomes a realization that there is a universal consciousness and that everything is a part of it.

So let the great Shiva be in your thoughts as you calm your mind and step into yourself. Find your best sides and believe that happiness and luck will follow you if you are pure and good.

Shiva is everywhere and Shvia takes in everything at some point - so live life while you have it.

Det siger I om Mantra

"Du får smil, du får kvalitet - og du får mere end hvad du betaler for. 6 ud af 5 stjerner"

- Victor