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Sat Nam and welcome to Mantra by Marlene Schnoor.
I'm so happy to welcome you here in my universe of mantra jewelry.
And even more happy that you, because you have found in here, have chosen to prioritize yourself, your desires, dreams and goals.
You're on your way!


My name is Marlene and the road to Mantra by Marlene Schnoor has not been a matter of course. I am a trained multimedia designer with a bit of experience from the email marketing department at a major advertising agency, but in 2013 I chose to re-saddle. From the University of Copenhagen I thus have a master's degree in English and art history and I thought for a long time that I should either write a PhD. or be a high school teacher - that's not how it went.

That said, I have used much of my language philosophical and academicknowhow to create the philosophy behind my mantra jewelry. Of course, I have taken as my starting point the traditional counting tools as the Malas are, but I have built on top of them, with a combination of the traditional mantra and what is usually called an affirmation - that is, a sentence that confirms something and is repeated over and over again. These two I have so spiced with the post-modern philosopher and think Derrida's ideas of deconstruction, materiality and language, as well as the many connotations that lie latent in the many different stones and crystals I work with.

Now it may start to sound liiidt long haired, but it really is not. Simply put, my malas should help you manifest your dreams. You need to see them as both physical and mental tools. Tools for meditation, manifestation, mindfulness and self-insight.

Sounds like something for you So click in and explore the many mantra jewels and their inherent linguistic energies. 



How it all began

I had three jobs, a full-time study and a small child of 1 year. I was stressed.

I was paralyzed and could not go to work. I reported sick, quit all jobs. Rolled me together in a ball and borrowed money from my mother while I struggled to keep the studies and mother-life on the right keel. Went to study psychologist and worked with my inferiority and my perfectionism.

After that, I started doing yoga and meditating. One day I got a gift from my mother. In mala. I slowly came to myself again. Remember I had an old mala lying somewhere. Found it and cut it to pieces. Tied it again himself and gave it a mantra.

That was the beginning of Mantra by Marlene Schnoor - a small gift, love, self-awareness, calm, yoga and meditation.

Today, Mantra by Marlene Schnoor is in rapid development and I am allowed to work with what helped me. I am allowed to spread the message of the great power of the mala and the mantra and am eternally grateful.

So thank you to my mother, to my husband, to myself and not least to all of you who already have a Mantra Mala or another mantra piece of jewelry.

And to all of you who have not yet felt the power - brace yourselves!

My malas are not only a beautiful one. They give you the opportunity to create the changes you want in your life.

Use the jewelry and their mantra actively and see the results.



What is a Mantra Mala 

A Mantra Mala (or Japa Mala) is an ancient and traditional counting tool for meditation, Japa Yoga and spiritual symbolism.

I have over several years further developed and rethought the Japa Mala and given it a modern touch. My Mantra Malas are thus based on both the old Yoga traditions, but are also based on the 'linguistic energy' that can be found in the beautiful gemstones the Malas are bound with.

Furthermore, I am strongly inspired by the language philosophy and especially Jacques Derrida's ideas about deconstruction and the language's chains of signifiers (expression / signifiant). I also draw on theories such as Stanly Fish's 'interpretive communities' and modern affirmation and meditation techniques in my work to create these powerful and beautiful malas.

My Mantra Malas are created for the purpose of helping you create more focus and awareness in your life. They should help you focus on a given area, issue, or spiritual question.

Each mala is assigned a mantra that seeks to encapsulate the 'linguistic energies' each of the stones brings with it from hundreds of years of traditions and storytelling.

Through the physical weight and beauty of the mala, you will be reminded again and again of your mantra and of the intention you had for yourself when you chose your mala.

More calm, more love, more presence When you stay focused, you will be able to actively work towards what you want in a spiritual setting, this is called attraction, but it is also a cognitive and psychological factor.r.

Choose your mala and choose yourself. When you are in balance and loving flow, the world will open up and you will see a clear change in both your inner and outer life.

Listen as I tell Cathrin Elenor about my journey, my vision and my inspiration -Find the podcast here

Det siger I om Mantra

"Du får smil, du får kvalitet - og du får mere end hvad du betaler for. 6 ud af 5 stjerner"

- Victor