How to 'code' and cleanse your mala - a ritual

Here you will find a small guide on how to both clean and 'code' your new Mantra Jewelry. I would definitely recommend you to do a little ritual before using your jewelry. In this way, you 'purify' the energy around the jewelry, get your mantra into the spine and reinforce your intention with your mantra jewelry.

1) Find the things that make sense to you (maybe a piece of selenite, a rock crystal, white sage or palo santo) and sit in a quiet place. Send some smoke or mental energy down towards the mantra jewelry.

2) Take the mantra jewelry up and hold it in your hands. Think about your mantra and feel the weight and heat/cold of your jewelry. (The stones will absorb the heat from your hands and switch from cold to hot).

3) Say your mantra aloud - preferably 7 times or more. It should be such that you can really remember it afterwards. Also feel free to read the description of the mala again and notice what it is this mala or this bracelet should help you with. What is your intention? What do you want to achieve?

3) When it is clear to you why you have chosen this particular mantra piece of jewelry, send all that energy down to it. From your head to your hands. Close your eyes and see if you can visualize it by imagining a golden energy running from your third eye down to the jewelry in your hands - down through your neck, shoulders and arms and out through your hands.

4) Repeat your mantra again. Feel it with your whole being and feel what it means to you. Right now.

5) Repeat this ritual every time you think your mantra becomes obscure to you or you begin to forget why you chose your jewelry. Maybe your intention changes - that's okay. It might just mean that you have progressed in your process and that is only good!

Have fun with your ritual - it is a powerful tool in itself.


Det siger I om Mantra

"Du får smil, du får kvalitet - og du får mere end hvad du betaler for. 6 ud af 5 stjerner"

- Victor