How to take care of your mantra jewelry

Here's a guide to how to best fit your new mantra jewelry.
It is important to take good care of your mala or bracelet if you want it to help you for a long time. Like all other jewelry, your mantra jewelry can break, so here are tips to take care of it as well as possible.

Malaen i sten:

Your mantra mala is tied on strong string, but both stone stone and string can break if you do not treat your mala with respect.

If you lose the mala on a hard floor, for example, the stones can break. Some stones are more porous than others and natural stones have implethen different degrees of hardness - yep. Stone is not just stone. For example, an apatite is much more vulnerable than a jade or a jasper.

The cord will wear over time. This is inevitable, as it is in friction all the time with the natural stones and the sharp edges in the pearls' holes.
But if you avoid putting your mala on in the bath, in the pool and in the sea it will last for a long time and serve you well. I also advise against wearing your mala when you sleep, or when you exercise hard where you sweat a lot. Think about the whole roof over when you need to wear your mala and take it off in situations where you estimate that the wear and tear will be extra great. For example, do not hang it on the kang in your bathroom, as it will get moisture and steam here.

If your tassel or tassel gets very dirty (maybe you get it dipped in for dinner - it can happen to even the best), then wash it gently in water. However, be extra careful with tassels made of cotton as these can be quite carried away by the water. However, most of my malais have tassels of the same strong string that the mala itself is also tied on which makes them more hardy.

Mala in wood:

Mantra malas in wood are bundled on together strong string like malas in stone. Therefore, the same guidelines apply as above. That said, the wooden beads do not have the same weight as the stone beads and will therefore not wear as hard on the string.

However, wood is more susceptible to dirt, water and copper oil, which will allow your wood beads, as you use your mala, to change color. The wood beads that are surface treated will keep the color while the more raw wood beads will absorb oil from your skin and over time become a little darker. However, do not see this as a bad thing. Look at it more like you and your tree mala are getting more and more into symbiosis.

Because the wooden beads are a little extra exposed, it is therefore not good to store them away in a small compartment such as a chest or a bag. They have the best chance of getting air, as otherwise mold and rot can occur - just like with all other organic material that is insulated. Therefore, leave your mala on the bedside table, hang it on the lamp on the desk or on the hanger by the wardrobe. Do not hang it in the bathroom, as it will be exposed to water vapor here. Of course, this also applies to malas in stone.

As for the tassel / tassel, the same guidelines apply as above for the stone mala.

Mantra bracelet:

If your mantra bracelet is tied on a string, then the same opposite guidelines apply as for malas in stone and wood.

I often tie bracelets on strong elastic. However, Elsatik is also not an 'everlasting' material and if you do not take care when you take your bracelet off and on, it will not have a very long life. If, on the other hand, you are careful in your treatment of your mantra bracelet and you take it off when you, like the mala, exercise hard, take a bath or swim in the sea, it will last a long time and serve you well.


  1. Treat your mantra jewelry with respect
  2. Be careful and loving when taking it off and on
  3. Never expose it to water or water vapor
  4. Do not store it away in small enclosed spaces, but give it air and freedom
  5. Do not drop it and finally do not let small children play with it.

And remember your mantra jewelry is a tool.
A tool for meditation, yoga, manifestation and mindfulness.
In short, it is an investment in you and your dreams.
So both that and yourself must be treated with respect and love.

If your jewelery needs to be raised on a more energetic level, see my guide here.

I really hope you get to love your new mantra jewelry and that it may bring you a lot of good energy and help you on your way to your goals and dreams.


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