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Here you will find a small description of every single stone / wood species / seed variety I have ever worked with. Every time I find a new stone or type of wood that I would like to work with, I spend a lot of time researching what words are embedded in the material. This is how I create my descriptions. It is a combination of inherited meanings and my own sense of the energies of the material.

I do not have the truth. The only thing we have are words, our subjective approach to the world and our common, collective norms. Communities of interpretation, as Stanley Fish called them. This is how we live our lives and this is how we must deal with energy tools such as malas, bracelets, runes, pendulums and all the other things we use as support in our spiritual life.

Ultimately, it's about your own feelings and sensations - so pay close attention and use my words as a guide, a guru's helping word, but not as a law or a truth.


Angelit is like a guardian angel ’in a rock - hence the name. Let it be a kind of talisman against bad energies. It should remind you to ask for help if you need it and it has a soft and gentle energy that can have a healing and stress-reducing effect. With an angelite, you are never alone and it should help you articulate your needs to those close to you. It can also be used to create reconciliation and forgiveness or to get rid of anger or confinement..

African turquoise is not a real turquoise (real turquoise is extremely rare and the blue stones that are usually sold as turquoise are at worst a mixture of cement and color). African turquoise, on the other hand, is related to jasper and is a stone of transformation and change. Let it help you have an open mind and to see the possibilities and welcome them with open arms when they present themselves. It should strengthen your self-confidence and renew or strengthen your desire and willingness to change. It is especially related to the third eye ’and should therefore help you to greater self-insight and spiritual guidance..

Verdit, or African jade, helps you to be present in the present while drawing on the experiences of your past. It is also a great tool for balancing your past and your present so that your future is not affected by bad or unwanted energies.

It can give you strength to get through difficult times and foster courage and perseverance. And if you believe in it, it is said that it can even allow you to access wisdom and memories from your past lives. It also helps you get rid of the traits you may not be so proud of and strengthens your credibility. The green color connects it to the heart chakra, but can also be used to advantage on the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.

It will encourage you to go after your dreams with joy and enthusiasm.

Apatiteis a stone for creativity. By clearing your mind, it will help you to greater wisdom and help you become the best version of yourself. It helps you to find motivation and a renewed desire for life, but also to find peace and joy in what you already have. Apatite is for all the chakras and creates balance from root to crown. It helps your prana to flow freely, which as I said should have a positive impact on creativity and zest for life.

Aquamarine clear blue color attaches it to the neck chakra and lets the words flow freely. Aquamarine washes away stress and fear and helps you make major life changes or find closure. It brings to mind the sea, which is both calm and agitated, in motion and quiet. It is seen as a talisman for good luck on travels (especially on water) and for courage. Aquamarine also protects the psyche from dark vibrations and negative behavior patterns and so it has often been seen as a symbol of youth and happiness. Let its calm but powerful energy help you well on your way to new life paths and more creativity.t.

Amazonite cleanses and detoxifies your energy. It helps you get rid of worries, doubts and frustrations. It can also alleviate old blockages caused by past experiences. It attaches to the heart and neck chakras and lets loving energy flow to you.

In addition to being a lucky stone, amazonite is also said to be able to help you articulate your needs. It reminds you to remember yourself and it can also help with mood swings and have a de-stressing effect. Furthermore, amazonite is often associated with the child's immediate and carefree energy. Get inspired to be more open and free of worries - find your inner child when the situation becomes too adult '. 

Amethyst has a calm and clear energy and is closely connected with the crown chakra and the third eye which is the opening towards the universe and thus greater insight. It should help you to more self-insight, clarity and inspiration. It has to do with intellect, wisdom and foresight. Amethyst strengthens your intuition and helps you make the right decisions, but it also protects you from negative thoughts that can lead you away from these decisions and intuitions. Let it guide you on a journey towards your higher self and let it protect you from negative thoughts, stress and inferiority.

TheAfrican bloodstones is your faithful companion, your friend and your coach. It builds courage, strength and vitality and with its green shades connects to your heart chakra. But African bloodstone also has splashes of red jasper and is therefore also connected to the root chakra. It therefore has a loving and calm energy that grounds you and reminds you to always be filled up on the most basic necessities - food, water, sleep and love. So it helps you see and appreciate the little things that make your world beautiful - the things that really count.


Bamboo jasperis an amazing stone. Its colors range from deep brown, over golden orange to gentle pink and white. It therefore relates to both upper and lower chakras and can both ground you and lift you far into the universe on your spiritual journeys. Bamboo jasper can also be used for physical manifestation and healing. It will help you visualize and think clearly, as well as find the creativity needed to truly manifest the changes you want. Furthermore, the gentle energies are good tools against stress and a busy everyday life. Bamboo jasper is also said to be a very protective stone and should be really good in meditation, healing and even shamanic rituals.

Blue aventurine helps you create a solid foundation. If you want more in touch with your own values and attitudes, blue aventurine is the stone you need to work with. It can help you stand by what you believe and believe in and can also help you take responsibility for yourself and your life. When you know what you stand for and what you want to find yourself in, then you have a good base to work from. It is especially attached to the neck chakra and strengthens your masculine energy - which of course you also have as a woman. Strength and courage are words that cling to the blue adventure.

Rock crystal is perhaps one of the most common stones, but do not be fooled. It is one of the absolute superstars and is used to increase and multiply the energies of other stones. It is linked to the crown chakra and can thus help you access the universal consciousness - your frequency to the universe. It leaves you patient and open, and then it helps you see the world in a clear and positive light. Use rock crystal as your Guru on the path to insight and wisdom.

Flowers agate(Cherry Blossom Agate) helps you flourish and reach your full potential. Use it to visualize and manifest your dreams. This beautiful agate has a calm but powerful, creative and feminine energy. Passion and willpower are key words. Use it during meditation or mindfulness exercises and see your dreams and goals for yourself. Let them germinate and flourish - you can do whatever you want.


Citrineis pure energy and like the sun it dissipates heat and positive energies. The key words are happiness, joy and light. Citrine is also a great stone for manifestation and creative and it can help you realize your dreams. It cleanses the mind and provides space for new thoughts and perspectives.

Cherry quartz or on Danish cherry quartz (made 'stone' which is actually glass)offers emotional healing and relief of eg anxiety or stress. With its warm, soft and loving energy, it reminds you that there is always hope and new paths to go. It must also remind you to think with your heart and remember all those who love you and whom you love. It is associated with the heart chakra and can also be used to balance romantic love or self-love.

Crazy Lace Agate. With its soft, gray-purple color, this crazy lace agate is charged with calm and balanced energy, which can be used to great advantage for meditation in order to clear and cleanse the mind of negative thoughts. It is also known as the Laughter Stone 'and therefore helps you towards a more positive, cordial and understanding state. If you often have wrinkled eyebrows and sometimes forget to laugh, instead of getting upset (I know I do) then this is a rock for you. Place it in front of you during meditation or yoga and repeat its mantra for your inner self. You can also place it in a strategic place in your home so that it can always remind you to keep your spirits high. And smile! It infects!r!

Calcite Double spat - Optical calcite.Use double spatula calcite to amplify the light in and the meaning of your other crystals. It is also said to be good if you have to decipher words that in themselves can have several meanings. Turn the calcite cube into the light and see how it throws it back in two directions and forms beautiful rainbows.

If you have difficulty perceiving the situation, meditate with calcite double spat and see if it can not help you along the way.

Calcite, yellow.Yellow calcite asks you to find your inner child. The key words are joy, confidence, optimism and spontaneity. Yellow calcite should help you get rid of worry, anxiety and insecurity and instead foster profits, energetic energy and go-ahead. It is also a very spiritual stone, which is really good in meditation because it helps you to focus on your inner wisdom and intuition. Furthermore, it is said to be a go 'energy purifier'.


Dumortierit is the stone that helps you stand up for yourself and your own ideas. This beautiful blue stone is attached to especially the neck chakra and therefore helps you to verbally better communicate your messages. Be true to yourself and cut ties to bad acquaintances or ideas. Dumortierite also helps you to know the difference between patience and letting go. Let go of the things that weigh you down and feel lighter and more free.i.


Falkeøje is the blue version of tiger eye and like tiger eye it has to do with insight. Falcon Eye can help you shed light on sensitive topics and focus on any issues or challenges. It attaches to the neck and the third eye and is supposed to relieve stress, restlessness and mental blockages. When you find peace, you can better deal with the problems you encounter in your inner self. Falcon eye can thus help you to look inwards and find answers in your subconscious. A stone for intuition, insight and creativity.

Peach Moonstone is an amazing companion who allows you to love yourself for who you are. It supports you and promotes your feminine energy and self-love. It has a soft energy that creates calm and balance around you and it is therefore really good for meditation. Furthermore, it is said to be extra good if you are pregnant, precisely because it creates calm and balance in your feminine energies.

Fluoriteis associated with the upper chakras, but also contains the green color that attaches it to the heart chakra. This stone thus connects heart and brain. It neutralizes bad energies and ensures mental clarity. Fluorite is also a great meditation stone as it guides away from anxiety and fear and towards greater peace and quiet in mind ’. It provides flow and lets your prana flow freely..

Fuchsitgives freedom and leeway. It is linked to the heart chakra, and will make you wise to yourself. It is full of 'fairy dust' and should bring you good luck. This stone is about joy, happiness, miracles, and the wonderful feeling the heart fills with when everything just bottles up and goes up into a higher entity. It actually does it more often than that - so use fuchsit to remember that. Just put a little glitter on.

Flinta greatly underestimated stone, which is freely available throughout Denmark. Flint builds your self-confidence, remedies inferiority complexes and provides an energy boost. I have a piece of flint in my window sill that I myself have found on the beach and I love that rock. The beautiful, shiny, black mixed with the white lime. Closest as Yin & Yang.


Garnet, red, is a bit of a power stone. Words that characterize the energies and qualities of the red grenade are passion, willpower, courage, passion, dedication and energy. Not only will it be able to revitalize and balance the lower chakras, it will also be able to stimulate creativity, self-empowerment and thought activity. A stone of abundance, happiness and luck, which drives you towards your dreams.

Yellow jasper helps you to perseverance, strength and power. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra which is the place of energy, ego and willpower. So it's about you and your energy to be the best version of yourself. Yellow jasper will also protect you from the bad energies and projections of others. In short, yellow jasper is a power stone and it can also affect your sexual energies.

Green aventurineis known as the stone of opportunity. It is perfect for manifestation and will help you fulfill your dreams. Welcome luck and prosperity into your life with this stone that is said to have: the power of plenty.”.

Aventurine can give you the courage to try your luck, take the chance, venture out on new adventures and is attached to the heart chakra. It helps you to open yourself up to the universal love and it protects the chakra from bad energy and thus acts as a shield against those who will try to exploit your openness.

Green jasper (emerald jasper) is a stone for both physical and mental balance, strength and grounding. It is therefore good if you are in transformation, you are in a difficult situation or otherwise need stability to move forward and find your right path.

An important place to start is in the physical body and here green jasper is your reminder ’that reminds you that it is important to take care of your physical body. It is your vessel through life and you owe it to itself to take good care of it. When the physical body is in balance, the mental body can also better find the balance.n.

Green jasper is often referred to as a bringer of rain 'and on a symbolic level this means that it should help you to cultivate and cultivate both your body and your spirituality - as the farmer cultivates the field to later harvest the crops. What you do today will benefit you tomorrow.

Gray agate should give you a sense of emotional security. It helps you to control your thoughts and should create balance in your emotional energies so that you do not let yourself be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. It should thus bring you more calm and confidence and then it should help you strengthen your self-esteem. Also, let the gray agate balance your feminine and masculine energies so that you can stand firm with a strong integrity.


White agate belongs to the crown chakra and strengthens independence and recognition of one's own existence. It helps you believe in yourself and live in harmony with your own inner self. It creates peace, tranquility and security and cultivates goodness and purity.

White moonstone. The white moonstone has a soft but powerful energy. It should help you balance your emotional energies and is closely linked to the crown chakra, which should give you clarity and insight. Like other moonstones, it is a symbol of feminine energy and therefore has a special focus on it. Furthermore, it is said that white moonstone is a stone for 'new beginnings' and it has also traditionally been used as a fertility stone for 'new life'.

Howlitis full of positive energy and is about taking his life into his own hands. It creates balance and overview, calm and patience. It helps you to choose the negative thoughts from and the positive ones to. Since it is a white stone, it is also in contact with the upper chakras and can help you to more spiritual insight.

It is said that Howlit can relieve insomnia as it soothes thoughts.

Hamsa the symbol, the open hand, is an ancient symbol of luck, strength and protection. Therefore, let Hamsa be a bulwark against negative emotions and projections, as well as an amulet for happiness and self-confidence.

Hematitis should help you get a handle on your thoughts and relieve stress and the feeling of being in the middle of a chaos. It is a very rooting stone, closely related to the root chakra, which can really provide grounding and calm. Because there is a lot of iron in hematite, it is heavy and can act as an anchor. An anchor that stops you from floating away from your body and your inner peace. Furthermore, it is a natural magnet that is often used for magnetic therapy.


Indian Agateis said to be an eternity stone as it helps you get rid of the anxiety of aging. Furthermore, Indian agate is a good amulet of happiness as it is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who wear it. Some places refer to the Upanniyas and Puranas (Ancient Hindu scriptures) which tell that beggars became kings after making use of Indian agate, as it was recommended to them by Sadhus (sages) in their time.d.


Jade, white. White jade is a stone for light and healing. It is attached to the crown chakra and should help you to calm, peace and spiritual insight. White jade is widely recognized for its healing properties and is often used to create clarity and insight so that you will be better able to make the right choices. Use it to focus on calm and contemplation and let it lead you towards a more relaxed attitude to life and existence. Let the light shine and find peace.

Jade, Yellow. Yellow jade is a stone of joy and harmony and so it has a lot to do with the self and the ego. It attracts good luck, but perhaps it's more about enabling you to be 'self-sufficient' on good energy and abundance. It is a balancing stone that focuses on emotional balance. Yellow jade is therefore an amulet of happiness and can help you to greater balance between your ego and your relationship to the world. It is a good stone for leadership and motivation. 


Carnelianrelates to the Swadhisthana chakra (sacred) and has to do with desire, courage and sensuality. The carnelian has a warm and powerful energy, which both protects and provides power and strength. It increases creativity, passion and self-confidence and can thus help you achieve your goals or keep and be about what you have already achieved.

Carnelian is also called the singer's stone ', as it lets you express yourself clearly and honestly. 

Kiwi jasper is both a soothing and nurturing stone but also a light and uplifting stone. It is especially related to the heart chakra, but is also said to create balance between all the chakras in your body. It should help you get rid of nerves, nervousness and stress. Find support and strength in its calm but cheerful colors. The fine and lustful combination of light blue and green colors, in interaction with the black and white quartz spots, gives the stone a light and light energy. Let it create harmony within you and let it lift your mood when dark thoughts intrude.


Lavastenmust take root and ground you. It should give you strength and courage and then it should help you create stability in periods of change or challenges. Strength, courage and stability are thus key words. Let the lava rock be your rock.

Lapis Lazuliis said to be wisdom manifested in a stone and it should help you to better judgment in practical aspects. The royal blue color also leads the mind towards greatness, wisdom and courage. It is not too funny that the ancient Egyptians used this particular stone to decorate the death masks of their kings. The stone is said to activate your higher self and strengthen your intellectual abilities. It reminds you to be fully present so that you can come into contact with a higher truth. Let it awaken your inner regent and take control of your life and your situation.

Lepidolite(also the acid) is a calm and stabilizing stone that can help you get down into gear. It is attached to the third eye and should also help you to gain insight and to make contact with your spiritual side or strengthen the contact you already have. It can help you find peace if you get angry or otherwise get into the violence of your emotions. Stay calm and be loving.

Labradorite does not appear much at first glance, but if you pick it up, turn it and let it catch the light, change it like the most beautiful butterfly wings. This stone is said to strengthen your intuition and give you the courage to create change. It should ground you and let you find the energy and resources you may need if you are tired, uninspired or facing challenges. It should remind you to see things from multiple perspectives. When you turn things upside down a bit, you might want to rediscover their potential. Be open.


Mosagat is attached to the heart chakra and with its soft energy that draws the mind to the depths of the forest, it calms the unrest in the mind and provides grounding. If you are in a difficult or stressful situation, mosagat can give you the courage and will to move on and to create the peace you need. Let mosagat help you with greater clarity of thought and use it in your meditation practice.

Mookait teaches you to understand your body and listen to its signals. It provides strength and endurance and keeps you grounded. It should also keep in mind that your body, just as it is now, is absolutely as beautiful and amazing as the bodies of others. But it must also remind you to be good at your body. The yoga tradition shows us that both body and mind are important to remember in its spiritual practice. The body is the vessel of our soul and like so much else, it requires attention and care to be able to last as long as possible. Your body is yours, but in the great cohesive universe it is only on loan. It will pass away in the long run - take care of it.

Milk quartz or snow quartz is a colorless quartz and often goes by the broad term rock crystal. It is a must in any stone collection because it is said to amplify the energies of other stones. But rock crystal also has its own properties. It brings clarity and overview and is thus a really good stone for meditation, mindfulness and contemplation. Its calm energy relieves stress and reminds you to look at the essence of the situation or your life in general. What is it that really matters.

Furthermore, quartz will always refer to a very healing stone and is often used for healing and alternative treatment. It is connected to both the third eye and the crown chakra, which allows you to access the universe and the Self '- the universal consciousness, Shiva, that which connects us all. Quartz is therefore a very spiritual stone. 


New jade, or serpentine stones (and sometimes Canada jade), is a very spiritual stone which is said to awaken the Kundalini energy. It can help you let go of fear and see the future in a more positive light. Like green jade, it is also said to be a lucky stone and is thus perfect for manifestation and the work of creating 'abundance' in your life. It is associated with the heart chakra and should also help you create balance in your emotions. It can thus help with more control over both body and soul, as it via the kundalini energy focuses on your bodily energy and via its properties as jade, and via its green color, focuses on both your mental approach to the world and your heart . But it is also a bit of a power stone which is often associated with control, power and a high degree of spiritual insight.


Opal glass is as the name reveals glass and not stone. However, it is still said to have lots of good energy and then it is beautiful. Opalite glass is connected to the third eye and can be used to remove mental blockage, that there is wisdom to be found everywhere, even where you fail or are missing. See the light instead of the darkness and let life be your teacher.

Ocean Jaspis.Ocean jasper is a stone for the heart. It should help you get rid of stress and negative emotions by lighting a flame in your heart. Let its many nuances soothe you and think of the sea and nature while you meditate on your heart chakra. Find peace - if nothing else then for a while - with ocean jasper. Study its many layers closely and immerse yourself in your own.

Obsidian, gold. Gold obsidian is a volcanic glass that is often associated with the ego and self-reflection during meditation. Use it as a mirror to see yourself and your ambitions, dreams and goals. Are these in accordance with your true self Is there something you should work extra hard on Are you on the right trackej?


Pink aventurinebelong to the heart chakra and can evoke a wonderful feeling of well-being. It is a very calming stone and it can help you see alternatives and other paths to go in your life. It removes the feeling of being trapped in a particular situation and can help you get away from that situation. It brings hope and wealth (on a spiritual level) to its owner.

Picasso jasper.As the name might reveal, Picasso has jasper with creativity and blocking, including writing blocking. It helps you to see clearly and thereby see the way out or around the thoughts that are blocking your creative manifestations.

Picture jasper is a stone for grounding and positioning. Positioning in relation to earth, sky, interior and exterior. Picture jasper is said to be closely related to Mother Earth and its warm earth tones give off a calm but firm energy. It attaches to the root chakra and must provide energy for movement and action from here.

Pink opal is a powerful stone for emotional balancing and for emotional issues. It can alleviate the sadness and negative emotions that come from your past and its serene energy helps you make peace with these bad memories and move on. This stone is really good for sensitive personalities. The color and energy of pink opal is linked to the heart chakra and thus to the universal love that flows freely in the universe. It will always remind you to forgive and love.

Pink zebra jasper is a stone for the heart chakra. It brings balance to the yin and yang energies and should relieve stress and anxiety. It has a positive energy, and is said to protect against both physical and spiritual harm. It should remind you to be happy and content and if you are dealing with sensitive issues such as failure, grief or inferiority, it can be used as emotional protection.

Pearlsis associated with the crown chakra and symbolize wisdom. Wisdom you have acquired through experience. Think about how pearls are built from small grains of sand (including stones) and take a long time to eventually turn into a beautiful pearl. If we project the story onto ourselves, it makes just as much sense. It is our experiences and our interactions with the world that shape us. Let beautiful and good energies shape you into the most beautiful gem and love yourself - also in the process.

Peridot is a stone of optimism, light and abundance. The clear green color connects it to the heart chakra and it can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra (a bit of a power lady) who was reportedly very fond of this beautiful crystal. Peridot is also called a 'seeking crystal' and is therefore really good to meditate with if you seek greater contact with the universe and your higher Self, but it is also often described as an 'attractor of love'. Peridot should therefore help you gain more wealth, optimism and love into your life while helping you drive away negativity and skepticism. See it as joy, love and light manifested in a crystal and feel how its energy radiates into you. There is so much to rejoice over and what you want you can manifest if you really want to. Just be optimistic and give it a try!

Polychrome jasper or desert ’jasper is an extremely powerful rock that can really ground you and help you find a foothold. It promotes mental, physical and spiritual balance and stability and provides support to cope with stress and times of distress. It can be used to great advantage for chakra meditation aimed at three lower chakras - the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. 

The polychrome jasper is also called the search crystal, as it can help you find new relationships that will create positive changes in your life.v.

The many colors of this jasper also have individual meanings:

Red stands for strength and vitality. Pink stands for new love and new relationships. This color inspires awe, rejuvenation and renewal. The violet or purple-gray color brings magic back into your life and inspires you to go after your goals and dreams. Shades of green and turquoise help control your consumption, relieve stress and create calm vibrations. Gold and yellow shades should bring joy and cheerfulness. They help you enjoy the simple things in life.

Prehnitcreates a connection between the heart and the will and must thus create a focus on making decisions that are in balance with what your heart is telling you is right. The motivation and actions that come from the heart are always strong and loving. So prehnite is a stone that should open your heart. By feeling and opening up to what the heart feels, prehnit will help you make good decisions and gain greater willpower and action. It attaches to the heart chakra and is therefore good for meditation on this chakra. Prehnite is also said to be a dream stone.

Pyrite is a stone for manifestation and abundance - also economically. It is not too funny that pyrite is often used in rituals which aim to attract wealth and financial independence. However, pyrite can not do the work for you and you must see its energy as a help for self-help '. It should create focus and good energy around your financial issues and dreams and give you the courage and strength to take full advantage of your abilities and potential. It should stimulate your creative sense and then it should give you perseverance to complete the projects you put in the lake..

Phosphosiderite is a stone with a calming effect, which should help you get rid of stress and anxiety. Due to the warm purple color, it is often associated with the heart chakra and the third eye. A stone that also fosters spirituality and tranquility for contemplation and meditation. Let the loving but powerful energies of phosphosiderite calm your breathing and allow you to look inward.


Rose quartz is pure love. It can be understood both in the romantic way, but also as love and openness to the whole universe. Rose quartz opens your heart chakra and lets love flow freely. Universal love - compassion, happiness, forgiveness and peace.

Ruby is a power stone that drives you towards your goals with intense strength. Self-confidence and motivation are key words. And then it is said that whoever owns a ruby should never suffer financial anguish.

Rhodonite is, like rose quartz, a love stone. It can help you get the love you want into your life. It can also create more peace and security and help you work on your emotions. As love stones, it fosters selflessness, love, forgiveness and generosity. It can help with anxiety and give you more confidence and self-esteem.

Rhodocrositeis, like rose quartz and pink opal, a love stone. Not only love for yourself but also for other people. Rhodocrosite can thus help you to more openness and charity so to speak. It should also remind you that the people you have met, for better or worse, have had an impact on you. If this effect has been negative, rhodocrosite can help with forgiveness and understanding. If it is positive, it will help you to appreciate this even more. In this way, rhodocrosite increases your tolerance and enables you to cope with most people with positivity and love.

It is also said that rhodocrosite is a really good stone to create balance in emotions and mind.

Rainbow obsidian is a protective stone. Its black exterior connects it to the root and heart chakras, but if you turn it in the light, the colors of the rainbow emerge. Rainbow obsidian can therefore create balance in all chakras and can give you deep insight and open up to your more spiritual sides. It reminds you to be honest and sincere and to let go of anger, jealousy and greed. That way, it shields you from negative energies and impulses and lets only love and light in.

Rudraksha seeds. 'Rudr' means Shiva and 'aksha' means tear - Rudraksha means 'Shiva's tears'.

Shiva is one of the three most popular gods in Hinduism and his name means the auspicious one '..

Shiva is a deity who has the power to create, but he is especially known as the deity for destruction and devastation.

However, this should not be seen as a negative force and there is a lot of wisdom to be gained in Shiva's destructive nature.

He is in many ways a picture of the cycle of life. We are born, live and die. That's life.

In other words, Shiva reminds us that destruction and death are a matter of course in life and that we must therefore be grateful for every single minute we have been given.

The story of Rudraksha and their connection with Shiva says that Shiva one day sat down to meditate. He got so deep into meditation that he did not open his eyes until many millennia had flown by. In pure ecstasy he began to weep tears of joy. These tears fell to the ground in the form of rudraksha seeds and are still used to this day to make the most beautiful, traditional japa malas.

Smoke quartzis a very powerful stone that, like its sister rock crystal, helps to amplify energies from other stones or from you. It protects against and cleanses from negative vibrations and projections. Smoke quartz is attached to both the crown chakra and the root chakra and thus strengthens the connection between the universe and the earth we stand on. Use smoke quartz to chase negative thoughts, worries and doubts about escape.

Red jasperis clearly connected to the root chakra and it brings you completely in sync with the earth's calm, natural and nurturing energy. Let it help you to complete peace and to remind yourself never to be overwhelmed by negative emotions or negative projections from other people.
Red jasper also has power and strength in it and does not allow itself to be dragged around in the arena. Let this property infect you. With the red jasper, you can safely move forward in your life. Be confident, think creatively and see the world open up to you.


Selenite cleanses both other stones, the energy of the home or your own or someone else's aura. Place selenite close to your other stones, along with your mala or bracelet to keep bad energy away. Selenite can also be used to 'cut' or 'fan' bad energy away with. Imagine that your selenite rod is a kind of knife you can cut bad energy away with. It may seem a little crazy, but give it a try - you might be surprised.

Sodalite is the stone of your intuition. The intuition that leads you towards the light and away from the darkness and bad decisions. It helps you towards love and good energies. It is the sodalite that has your back and acts eyes and ear for your soul. Let it warn you and guide you.

Sort agate should help you create grounding and is said to be a very protective crystal. It is associated with the root chakra and should therefore have a calming effect and give you inner strength and grounding. It is said that it is also very useful in terms of maintaining peace in a stressful everyday life. Black agate should help create more stability and help you make practical decisions.

Black larvikitestrengthens your intellect, stimulates your creativity and lets you see your true self. It allows you to be receptive to new knowledge and information, in order to create new opportunities for yourself. It reminded you to go after your goals with passion and dedication.

Sort obsidianis the mirror of the crystals. It should demand self-reflection, give you protection and help you develop the aspects of yourself that you want to be better or more prominent. If you are drawn to the black obsidian, it may mean that you need a mental cleansing. Maybe something needs to be cleaned out or processed Let the black obsidian absorb your negative vibrations, let it help you with what weighs and let it protect you from fear, anxiety and anger - none of these are beneficial for your further journey ..

Solsten act as a stopgap for bad energies and keep stress and insecurity at bay. Let it shine for you in dark times and let it remind you that there is always a new day on the way. Let it be your silver lining ’..

Black moonstoneis a stone for creative and feminine energy. It is also a stone for grounding and stability and it can be your protection against negative projections from others - perhaps especially other feminine energies. The feminine side of us, will often like to be reflected in other feminine energies, but it can backfire and bring negative emotions, stress and a feeling of inadequacy and inferiority. So trust your own feminine power and let your own creativity and approach to life be enough for you.

Sandalwood is a very popular wood species in India. It is used both as incense, to decorate temples and for pearls. The wood is said to bring peace and quiet to your mind therefore these pearls are really good for malas..

Silver is often associated with the moon and its energy. Because silver is shiny, it is also said to be a mirror of the soul. It invites self-reflection and should help you to better understand your true self. Let the silver elements in this mala create balance and understanding of the synergy of the universe.

The snake is a wonderful and interesting symbol. It has over time had many messages and meanings; the tempter, but also the wake-up caller of Christianity, the fertility of the Canaanite religion, the universal wisdom and understanding of the ancient Egyptians, and the inner, smoldering energy of the yogis - the kundalini energy. A strong sombol that will put strength, energy and wisdom behind your intentions and dreams.


Multicolored tourmaline

Tourmaline is actually available in a wide variety of colors. Each tourmaline has its own meaning and its own function, but overall, tourmaline has often been seen as a very spiritual stone and has been used for ritual acts and ceremonies. It is therefore perfect for meditation and contemplation.

Tourmaline, black, helps you reconnect the ground and attaches to the root chakra. It is a very protective stone and has often been described as being a protection against evil spirits and against physically harmful influences.

Tourmaline, blue, brings harmony and strengthens both communication and intuition. Like aquamarine, it brings to mind cool, calm water. Let yourself flow calmly with.

Rubelit tourmaline (red-pink) is life energy. Keywords are vitality and quality of life. Let it bring you joy and passion and a renewed sense of commitment. If you have your heart with you, you can do anything.

Tourmaline, green,belongs to the heart and the heart chakra. It sends a stream of healthy energy to all parts of the body and to your higher self. It thus brings a great feeling of happiness and gives you courage in life.

Tiger eye is described as the all-seeing, all-knowing eye and is said to give its owner the ability to see everything from the outer to the inner world in a clear and distinct light. The ancient Egyptians often used it as eyes in their god statues and in this way it gained its symbolic meaning of divine insight. By enabling you to see your world in a larger perspective, it will also be able to bring you inspiration and enable you to visualize and achieve your goals. It is therefore said to be an amulet of happiness, but remember that you often create your own luck. By gaining insight into your own desires and dreams, you will be able to more easily seize the opportunities that lead you in the right direction.g.

Tourmaline rutile quartzconsists of rock crystal in which black tourmaline grows. This is a very beautiful and powerful composition, which is said to be a must have 'in any stone collection because it combines the healing properties of two stones. When these two stones meet, it creates a strong and healing energy that restores harmony and tranquility. 

Clear quartz helps increase your awareness and bring clarity into your life by acting as an amplifier. It is connected to the crown chakra and therefore also conveys energies from the universe and the chakras that lie above the crown chakra.

The black tourmaline helps you restore the ground connection and attaches to the root chakra. It is a very protective stone and has often been described as that everything you need should probably come to you. Trees provide oxygen and life - also for you. You give life and well-being to yourself and others. Everything lives in symbiosis. Feel - feel the grass under the bare toes, feel the wind in your hair, feel the blood in your veins. Find your true self and connect to the place you can always stand firm from. That way you can move in the world and still always be rooted in your true self.


Watermelon tourmalinesharpens your intuition, creativity and your way of observing the world. It brings balance in the feminine and masculine energies and then it can help you look brighter on things. It is attached to the heart chakra and has a loving energy. Let it remind you of mantras, such as "I see clearly", "I look lovingly" or "I look positively" - on the world or on the task in front of me.


Wengé tree, or Millettia laurentii, is a beautiful wood species from Africa. Besides being very beautiful, with clear rings, it is said of wenge wood that it brings focus and wisdom. It can also be used as protection against bad energy and external projections.


Desert rose is actually a kind of selenite and can therefore purify energies in / in both humans, space and other rocks. It is therefore really good to have in the home where it can remove negative energies. It is also really good as a meditation stone, as it should help you get rid of old and ingrained thought patterns. It helps in determination and in standing by your decisions. It is also said to be a searching stone. Seek and you shall find.

Det siger I om Mantra

"Du får smil, du får kvalitet - og du får mere end hvad du betaler for. 6 ud af 5 stjerner"

- Victor